Frequently asked questions

How can I get to Alicante?

Alicante is very well connected to the rest of Europe. The airport is very dynamic and there are many Low-Cost Airlines that operate flights to Alicante offering return flights for less than €100 depending on the season.

How can I get to La Villa from the airport?

La Villa is 25 km from Alicante airport, situated in the Cabo de las Huertas neighborhood. There are several ways to get to us: By rental car, by taxi or by our shuttle service (approximately 25 minutes) Take the C6 bus to the Plaza Puerta del Mar stop (2607) and then bus number 22 to the Camino stop from the Lighthouse 17 (2710), 250 m from The Villa (at least 50 min).
The second option is the cheapest but needs more time to change buses, especially at night.

How to get to La Villa from the Renfe train station?

We are 10 km from Alicante Train Station. There are several possibilities to get to us: By rental car, by taxi or by our shuttle service (approximately 15 minutes) On bus 22 from Óscar Esplá 35 stop (4525) to Camino del Faro 17 stop (2710) 250 m from The Villa.

Do I need a private car to enjoy my stay?

It depends on your plans. If you want to visit the surroundings of Alicante such as Alcoy, the Ibi reservoir, the parks or mountains, a car is necessary.
On the other hand, you can easily get to cities such as El Campello, Villajoyosa, Altea or Benidorm, among others, by tram or bus. To add, to enjoy Alicante and San Juan Beach, public transport is sufficient, walking distance from the Villa there is a bus stop (250m) and tram stop (800m). Bicycles and electric scooters can be rented easily.

What if the person who accompanies me does not want to participate in the courses at the school?

The companion can, of course, if they wish not to, not participate in the activities. However, the price will be unchanged, because our expenses are the same.

Is there a pool?

There is no pool, but the coves and the sea are only 100 m away. Alicante is one of the driest areas in Europe, water is a valuable resource that serves in our case to take care of the garden. In La Villa, we have our own “Green Oasis”.

Why choose us?

The services are very different. The quality of the courses, private or semi-private, the classes in context, the comfort, and intimacy of the accommodation, the all-inclusive formula, all make La Villa unique.
We offer a truly affordable value for money service:
A week in a bed and breakfast in Alicante? Costs between €500-700
20 hours of group lessons? €150-200
Restaurants lunch and dinner for a week? €200-300

With who will I share my stay?

With like-minded adults from around the world. The number of guests may vary depending on the week and season but will not exceed the maximum of eight people.

La Villa Lingüística

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