Learn Spanish in Alicante

Each person who learns a foreign language has different goals and needs. Therefore, at first, we analyze your needs and evaluate your Spanish level. Then we adapt the pedagogical program to your needs in order to achieve desired goals. Finally, at the end of your stay, you receive a report that shows your progress.
Vistas de Alicante

All-inclusive school

Original way to learn

A villa in the coves

Semi-private courses

Under the Alicante sun

Practicing the language in real life

Three packages

Courses – Accommodation – Food

Intensive (20 h/week)

  • 10 h. Co-studying (max. 4 people)
  • 10 h. Spanish classes in context 
  • Breakfast, lunch, and dinner
  • Room

Semi-intensive (16 h/week)

  • 10 h. Co-studying (max. 8 people)
  • 6 h. Spanish classes in context
  • Breakfast, lunch, and dinner
  • Room

Standard (10 h/week)

  • 10 h. Co-studying (max. 4 people)
  • Breakfast, lunch, and dinner
  • Room



How to learn Spanish with us

1. Co-studying

Co-studying consists of personalising the pedagogical program according to the level, needs, and competences of each student. Each student has individual activities, exercises and explanations carried out within a small group. Our Spanish classes are designed to cover oral, written and expression comprehension skills. This methodology encourages the active participation of the student to attain their learning goals at their own pace.

2. Spanish classes in context

Classes in context consist of activities, in which communication in Spanish is practiced in different situations, for example, excursions in the city or in nature for cultural, leisure or recreational purposes. These group activities promote exchange and communication in Spanish. The details of the outings and time preferences can be arranged with the teacher upon arrival. For better organization, the choice of activities should be made at the time of registration.
Examples of sightseeing: visits to Alicante, the port and the Esplanade, the old town, Rambla and the Central Market.
Examples of outdoor activities: hiking in the Cape and Sierra Grossa coves.
Examples of cultural excursions: Alicante museums, Lucentum, the Queen baths, the bullring and the castle.

3. One to one classes in Spanish

We believe that individual Spanish classes are the best way forward to progress and enjoying a tailor-made Spanish course. Academic Spanish classes are recommended, if the student has an academic objective e.g. exam preparation (DELE, SIELE, etc.) or specific work objectives such as adaptation to a new job. These lessons are not included in the packages. (Check prices in “extras“)

La Villa Lingüística

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